Hands On With Facebook’s Nearby Friends

By Kurt Wagner There’s a lot that Facebook allows you to share with your friends. On Thursday, the company added “exact location” to that list Facebook’s new Nearby Friends feature enables you to flip a switch to start broadcasting your location with friends in the area. If you see someone nearby with whom you want […]

Healthcare.gov on Heartbleed: Actually, Do Change Your Passwords

By Sam Laird After the massive online-security vulnerability known as Heartbleed was discovered earlier this month, Healthcare.gov officials said customers of the new medical-coverage site had nothing to fear Now, however, the site is is singing a different tune: Users who visit the Healthcare.gov homepage are presented with a message reading: “Reset your password to […]

What Can IFTTT Do for You?

By Armand Valdes In the latest video of our Mobile Minute series, we discuss the powerful web service IFTTT (“If This Then That”). While IFTTT has been around since 2010, the company has only recently started to work with sensor devices. See also: 11 Top IFTTT Recipes to Activate Now IFTTT allows apps to communicate […]

No Yolk, These Painted Pop Culture Eggs Are Insane

By Dennis Green Before you scoff at the silly idea of dying eggs for Easter, consider these art pop masterpieces that dwarf the ones you made at home. Using paint instead of dye, artist Barak Hardley uses eggs like a canvas, filled with caricature-like dedications to pop culture. The eggs feature some of the most […]

3D-Printed Ford Gran Torino Is the Muscle Car From Hell

By Adario Strange Walk through this year’s New York international Auto Show, and it’s clear that the current crop of cars are rapidly catching up with the concept vehicles of the future But one audacious 3D-printed car on display at the event, a Ford Gran Torino, looks like it just arrived from the underworld or […]

The Insane, Probably Fake, Plan to Brighten the Moon

By Pete Pachal It sounds like the plot of a James Bond movie: There’s a plan afoot to make the moon brighter in the night sky, potentially saving the world billions of dollars in power costs running street lamps. How would such an ambitious idea even be possible? By strategically placing highly reflective material on […]

No Transparency on Google Glass Sales

By Kurt Wagner Google shut down its online Google Glass store Wednesday, but the tech giant isn’t sharing details on how many units it sold The company sold Glass to the public on Tuesday and Wednesday morning, which was the first time consumers could buy the device without having to apply to Google’s Explorer program. […]

Founder of ‘Russia’s Facebook’ Says Government Demanded Ukraine Protestors’ Data

By Brian Ries The founder of the Russian social network Vkontakte (dubbed the “Russian Facebook” by Western media) says his country’s Federal Security Service demanded the personal information of Ukraine’s Euromaidan organizers — and he refused to hand it over. See also: The 20 Hottest Startups in Russia “On December 13, 2013 the FSB demanded […]

WordPress Creator Automattic Seeks $1 Billion Valuation: Report

By Kurt Wagner Who says bloggers don’t make any money? Automattic, which runs the popular blogging service WordPress, is in the market for a new round of funding that would value the company at more than $1 billion, according to Fortune See also: 13-Year-Old Blogger: I Promise Girls Will Change the World Automattic is reportedly […]

Majority of States Tax Their Citizens at a Moderate Rate

By Melissa Goldin Taxes may be one of only two certain things in this world, but some of us may end up paying more than others depending on which state we live in. A majority of states charge a moderate rate on income, sales and property taxes, according to data collected by … More about […]