Best Five Custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy y

After Rooting your android device or galaxy the very first thing you want to change its look s as most of us get feed off with the looks of stock Rom and to do this you need a good looking as well as bug free custom ROM. If you are searching for a good ROM for Galaxy y then you are at right place here I had made a list of top 5 ROM available. All the ROM mentioned in this article are Custom ROM and are not released by Samsung. So, use them on your own risk if something goes wrong, we are not responsible for that. Now let’s see what is custom ROM?

  • What is Custom ROM?

A Custom ROM is basically a custom version of firmware, including the kernel, system apps, services and all other things you may needed for operating device. As Android is open source software so, there are many developers who take the stock ROM, modify it, optimize for performance and battery backup, remove junk apps, add new features or user interface. Custom ROM’s are mainly built up form Android’s source code or from device manufacturer’s ROM. Stock ROM’s of device is changes and many new additional functions and features are added that are not found in stock ROM’s so, that users will like it.

  • Benefits of Installing a Custom ROM

Installing a Custom ROM on your device may fix many bugs and introduces new features to your phone that you may miss in stock ROM. You can install any custom ROM on your device, but you should know the procedure to flash that ROM and make sure that the ROM you will install will not harm your device. Custom ROM’s are also beneficial as they provide a wide range of features to your phone some of which include extended compatibility, overclocking the CPU and much more. The main benefit is that custom ROM usually contains all the important apps and many useless app that comes in stock ROM are not present in custom ROM’s. Custom ROM also gives new looks to your phone so if you are tired of the looks of your phone the custom ROM is the best option for you.ab

Top 5 ROM of Samsung Galaxy Y:-

1. Cyanogen Mod 7 ROM:

Cyanogen Mod is one of the very well-known name in this field.  Cyanogen Mod is available for almost all the popular android phones and hence for Samsung Galaxy Y too. As users like this rom very much that the reason it is on the top of our list. Click here to see screen shots, download link and other features of this ROM.


Again a very good custom ROM for galaxy y and as it is not an official ROM however it has got many very good and stunning features to get the most of your device. It gives you a new dark jelly bean looks themed throughout your phone’s display to catch the things more accurately and also helps your phone to last longer due to dark theme. To download or to look screen shots, just click on the link here.

3. Creeds’ Rom V2.5:

Creed’s Rom is one of the most famous ROM’s made by pratyush.creed. The most unique feature of this ROM is its 14 notifications bar which is very attractive and easy to use. You can grab the screen shots and download link from the link here.

4. Repencis v3.5 Advanced Rom:

Repencis is a new Kernel Built OS for Samsung Galaxy Y. This ROM holds many new features to explore more from the device. Features like new UI, Navigation button bar, adding animation on statusbar, AOSP Lock screen and MI locker app and a lot many more. This ROM is getting popular day by day among the galaxy y users. You can check more details from the link.

5. UltimateSonicRomV3:

This custom ROM UltimateSonicRomV3 is developed to add more features on the current Android version. This ROM features many new things like all new UI, new settings options with loads many things inside, new display options and a lot more. To catch the snapshots of this amazing ROM and download link, click on the link here.


  1. Nice collection, I will surely try jellyblast on my galaxy y.. great work Sahil. Keep going… :-)

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