Best Ways To Decrease Alexa Rank

Alexa rank is as much important as page rank by Google. Most of the people today judge the value of your site by Alexa Rank. Advertisers also check your Alexa rank to advertise on your blog. Every blogger know the importance of Alexa rank and everyone wants to rank his or her site below one lank or even less. It is not much easy to get a good rank as competition is very higher. Today in this post I am going to tell you about few important steps that you must follow to get good Alexa rank in just few days. Alexa rank updates daily which means that you can see your progress daily. Now let’s first look what Alexa is?



Alexa is a web information company of amazon. They rank all the sites on the basis of their visitors and their full content. They update site rank on daily basis. This is only company that ranks other sites.

Best Ways To Improve Site Rank:

1)    Claim Your Site- If you have a new blog, then you may get a very high rank at starting may be in billions but don’t worry it will take some time to get a good rank. If you hadn’t claimed your site till now then you must claim your site on It will surely help you to decrease your rank.

2)    Use Alexa Widget On Your Site- Alexa rank site on the basis of the data it collects from Alexa Toolbar and other Alexa products so, if you use Alexa Widget on your site then Alexa will get more accurate data as compared to before and you will get more accurate rank of our blog/site. I strongly recommend you to use Alexa Widget on your blog as it will help you to decrease Alexa Rank as well as your visitors will also get to know your Alexa rank when they visit your blog.

3)    Use Alexa Toolbar- Alexa rank is based on the data which it get from its products like toolbar, widget etc. so, use Alexa tool and also encourage your users as well as friends to use Alexa toolbar. More people with Alexa toolbar visit your site, more it helps you in decreasing your Alexa rank. All the reader, install Alexa toolbar it will help me.

4)    Update your site regularly-If you are a new blogger or even old blogger you must update your blog on regular interval of time. If you update your blog on regular basis at fixed time it will help you more in decreasing your site ranking.  Choose a fixed time to update your site and choose that time of the day at which you get maximum visitors it will help you the best as at that time your article/post may reach more people than any other time of the day. So, if you want to get good rank in short time then always update your site on regular basis.

5)    Organic and Unique content-New bloggers may not know the importance of organic and unique content but never copy any matter to your site it will decrease your sites reputation as well as increase your rank. This will also affect you at other places like it will decrease your advertiser, visitors and you will not get approved by Google AdSense with copied content So, good unique content is helpful for your rank as well as your visitors.

6)     Backlink-Backlink are also very important as it also helps in decreasing your Alexa rank as well as in increasing your page rank. With more backlink you may also get good traffic from your links so, try to increase your backlinks as they will help you a lot.

If you want to decrease you rank then follow these steps and you will see your result. I had used  these steps and my rank goes down from 50 lakh to just 7 lakh in 20 days so, believe me these steps are very helpful and you must follow these steps to decrease Alexa rank.



  1. Thanks Sahil for this post. I don’t know why my alexa rank is bouncing . Sometimes it increases, sometimes it decreases.

  2. My score has been going up so much in the last few months! I will try all your tips! Thank you!
    Mary recently posted…My Crest Pro-Health ReviewMy Profile

  3. Thank you for your tips.
    It helped me a lot.
    My site’s alexa rank has dropped from
    265lakhs to 75 lakhs in just 3 days.
    Thank you,

  4. I’ll try these for sure…
    Surinder Rajpal recently posted…Spice launched Android Budget SmartPhones Smart FLO Space Mi-354 and Stellar Glamour Mi 436My Profile

  5. Awesome tricks to decreasing website rank

  6. That is very good idea for decrease alexa rank i,ll try this ideas for my websites
    Ammaiya recently posted…Tech Mania247My Profile

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