How To Make Ubuntu PC Faster

Ubuntu Is one of the most famous Linux of all the time and if you have Ubuntu installed on your PC or laptop and want to speed up your PC then you are at right here I am going to discuss many 74520909_640ways by which you can speed up your PC. Some of these tips can really speed things up especially if you have a old PC or laptop.

Selecting a lightweight desktop environment and light applications can give a new life to your old,without wasting time.let’s start.

  • Install Preload

Preload is basically a background service that monitors the applications you use in your PC. It awesome service learns the library and binaries you use often and load them in the memory before you open them so, save your time and also make computer work much faster. The only problem is that this is not installed in Ubuntu by default and you have to install it manually by writing just a simple command which is given below. This command installs preload on your computer and make it work faster than before.  You can change the setting of the preload in /etc/preload.conf file if you want but default settings the best.

sudo apt-get install preload

  • Reduce Swap

 If you are using Ubuntu on an old PC with less free memory then you must try this tweak as it could make a huge difference performance of your PC depending upon the hardware configuration. Swap or swappiness, is just a reserved space on your hard disk that the Linux uses to move inactive items from main memory. The default value is 60 and we will drop that down to just 10, as recommended by Ubuntu’s Wiki.  To reduce this swap memory just open Run (Alt+F2) and type “gksudo gedit /etc/sysctl.conf” without quotes

At the bottom of this file, just add the line given below and save the file. :


  • Lighter Desktop Environment

IF you PC is very old and hardware configuration is below average then you must use a light Desktop environment in place of default Unity desktop environment of Ubuntu. If you want to use light desktop environment then there are good option available like LXDE,XFCE and for super minimalist persons Xmonad is best. These options are just to reduse the load on the hardware of your PC and if your using a new PC then you can’t see its effect. There are many other options available too.

  • Boot-up Manager

 Just like in Windows , Ubuntu also have Boot-Up manager . Applications can automatically start when you ever your computer starts. Programs or application can also add their own auto start entries. If you have a long list of this Auto-start applications then your desktop will take time to appear and your PC will take much time to boot. You can control these start up applications from the Startup Applicetions dialog but in Ubuntu most of the applications are  hidden and you can see those hidden application by just writing the Given command in the terminal and you turn the  

sudo sed -i ‘s/NoDisplay=true/NoDisplay=false/g’ /etc/xdg/autostart/*.desktop

 After running this command, restart the Startup Applications dialog and you’ll see more options than before.  Don’t disable any Auto start entry unless you understand what it does. Disable those application which you don’t want to run when the computer boots.  

  •  Replacing Metacity By Openbox

Openbox is a window manager for Ubuntu and it is well-known as it runs faster than Metacity. By replacing Metacity, your desktop will be much cleaner and faster as compared to Metacity. To replace Metacity open Termainal and type this command :

sudo apt-get install openbox obconf openbox-themes

Now we have to set Openbox as the default window manager. You can do this by going to System -> Preferences -> Startup Applications.

Enter the following:    

Name: Openbox
Command: openbox –replace

That’s all you have to do to  replace.

Hope these tips will help you to make your computer faster. If you like it then please share it with your friends and other people.


  1. aliengreen says:

    These tricks help me a lot and now my Ubuntu is much faster than before.thanks a lot man

  2. I just followed your technique on my Ubuntu PC. It worked!
    Jennifer Kimberley recently posted…JudyMy Profile

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