Top Five Security Apps For Android

 Security is must for your device whether it your Personal computer or tablet or event you smart phone. Android, The best OS at present. Most of us had personal and very useful data in our Android phone and also have net connection in Android as Android device is not useful without net connection so, with internet connection the danger of viruses and hackers also increases. All you need is a good anti-virus that can give you full protection against hackers, viruses, malware, thieves and from other potential threats also. Here in this post, I had written about top five antiviruses present in market at this time to give you full protection. Choose one which you think suits your needs best. 


Top Secutity Apps:

1)      Avast Mobile Security : 

Avast is my favorite security solution for Android and is also rated top in market with 4.7 stars out of 5 which is very good. No doubt that it is the best security solution present in the market at present. It has some unique features like SMS history wipe, siren alert with basic features like network meter, firewall, virus scan, call and message filter, gps tracking and may other. So, without any worry you can easily go for Avast Mobile security.

2)     Kaspersky Mobile Security : 

Just like Kaspersky’s Antiviruses of computer this Kaspersky Mobile Security for Android is also one the best security solution for android. This product for Android protects your Android device from virus, Adware, Malware, hackers and also from thieves. It includes easy-to-use, advanced privacy features and if you’re your mobile is lost or stolen you can easily protect your private data by locking your phone by just sending and message and you can also trace your phone. With these excellent features it includes all the basic necessary features.

3)     AVG Antivirus : 

AVG Antivirus is also one the famous Antivirus solution provider. Just like Computer’s Antivirus, it works great on Android also. It is very effective mobile antivirus program with the Google play store rating of 4.5 out of 5 which is above average. It includes almost all the features needed to protect device from potential threats from Hackers, viruses and thieves. It includes features like Anti-Theft, call and message block, Performance of android phone ,Privacy features and many other useful features.

4)     Quick heal mobile security :

Quick heal mobile security is not very famous one but still it is very effective when we talk about full security of Android device. By users it is rated as 4.5 stars out of 5 which is very good rating. It automatically scans for malware, phishing attacks, spam SMS and Vishing calls. It has all the basic features like locates lost or stolen devices, virus protection, Data protection, Call filtering, SMS or Message block, remotely lock phone when lost to secure your private data. Overall this mobile security app is trustable and you can use it to secure your Android device.

5)     Bitdefender :

Bitdefender has a whole range of Android app including its Mobile security app. The app is free to download and use only for 14 days trial. This app has entire basic feature including call block, SMS filter, virus scanning and much more. The point where it lacks is that it doesn’t have Anti-theft feature so, it can’t protect your phone from thieves. The users rated Bitdefender  4.4 out of 5 in Google play store. Overall it is nice app with highest detection rate of about 99.8%.


Security is must for your Smartphone so, choose any one which you like from the the above listed Security Applications.

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