Indian market is flooded with tablets with price as low as 4000 to apple I-pad of 50000.Buyers have a very large no. of options to choose from. Most of the consumers of tablet are unaware of different features, advantages and disadvantages of different operating system for tablets.Today in this post I will explore each of the OS used in different tablets and clarify their advantages and disadvantages so that it became easy for you to choose best operating system. 

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Apple with its I-pad series is on the top of tablet market. Most of the important thing which makes it the best is its apps market which is available on iOS. Approx.2,30,000 apps are present for iOS at this time .If we compare it with other operating system then  the user have a wide range of apps available to choose from.

One of the most important advantages of iOS is its connectivity with other iOS devices through I-cloud which auto sync all the data downloaded from iTunes store to other iOS devices of user.


The app store of apple is very tightly controlled. So, no app developer can post any app without taking license from apple. As developer have to buy license to post its app on store.So, most of the apps are paid not free.



Its advantage is that it is user friendly OS .Android is an open source software so, end-user can customize apps and software according to their needs.Android tablet are inexpensive as compared with other OS tablets.

Bluetooth is also an advantage of android tablets. Storage capacity of android tablet is also good with initially 8 GB,which can be expendable up to 32 GB. The presence of micro SD card slot and USB port makes the image, file and document sharing much easier. Some companies have their own android market like Samsung app. store and Amazon which have apps compatible with their devices.


For android we have plenty of apps available on Google play but most of them are not compatible with the hardware of tablet or screen resolution of large display of tablets. The main disadvantage is the presence of numbers of different versions of android which creates problem for app developers as it become very difficult for developer to develop app which provide uniform experience among all android devices with different versions. Manufacturer often change android to their own.

Windows tablet


Windows tablets are available in market for a long time and still very popular in tablet market now window 8 tablets come with Microsoft office 2013 for free now it is still preview version but it will be freely upgraded to full version in next few weeks. MS office is not available on other OS. Multitasking is also very easy with windows with easy switching between different tasks. It also looks like home screen of computer so, new users can use it with ease.Windows 8 tablets supports other devices using ARM chip infrastructure. The boot time is also very less approx. 8 seconds. New window 8 tablets have their own app store which was not available in window 7 tablets.


  • Very high cost of Windows Tablets.
  • Flash player doesn't work on all sites it work only on sites approved by Microsoft.
  • Apps purchased from windows apps store works on it other third party apps doesn't work .The apps present in apps store are very less as compared by android's Google play and iTunes store of apple.

Blackberry OS

Blackberry launched its tablet into market with its own operating software. Blackberry OS 10 is very rich, well designed and developed but it lacks in apps .In its first blackberry OS, they even failed to provide the basic utility apps such as e-mail.It was fixed with its updated next OS but in numbers of apps it is still very far behind Android. For blackberry lovers, it is very disappointing as BBM doesn't find its way on tablets.


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