Why to Buy Aged Domains

When it comes to search engine optimization of a website, it is important to consider the age of its domain. The results of the search engine optimization process depend not only on the tools and techniques you use but also on your domain's name.

  • Do old domains help when it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Google undoubtedly pays attention to the age of a website when it comes to its Search Engine Optimization. There are also some other important aspects, such as what happens with the domain when it expires and then when it is registered again.why-to-buy-aged-doamin

There are two main theories about how Google takes into account the age of a certain domain. The first theory is that it registers the data from the WHOIS information of the domain. And the second one is that the history of every domain starts from the moment when it becomes available for the second time. Most SEO specialists are actually support the second theory, because it is true that domains that have been used before are usually ranked better than the ones registered for the first time. Of course, there are also people who consider it is the other way round and prefer buying and developing a new domain instead of risking with an old one.

Old domains hide some risks, of course. It is possible that it has been banned from Google, or has been even included in Google's blacklist. On the other hand, using a domain with a longer history is a huge advantage when it comes to the Search Engine Optimization process; not to mention the fact that it can help you save a lot of resources.

Actually, the history of every domain starts from the moment when it enters search engines for the first moment. Even if the domain has expired, it will be indexed once again for a month or two if it is registered once again. In addition, its statistics in Google Webmaster Tools remain intact for about a couple of months.

This means that if the domain's characteristics remain the same for a certain period of time, Google remembers the domain, hence its history is not lost. The standard period while the statistics in question are kept and memorized by Google is twelve months after the expiration of the domain. That is why the best thing you can do when choosing an old domain for your website is registering a domain that has expired in no more than a year.

Which are the main factors influenced by your domain's name?

SandBox Effect

SandBox Effect if an effect or an algorithm of Google, which is used for evaluating the new websites on the Internet. When the algorithm detects a new website on the Web, it initially ranks the website according to the keywords that are contained in it. After about a week, however, the new website goes back in Google results and is positioned in SandBox. Getting out of this “box” is important for its further prominence, but it is achieved thanks to thorough SEO optimization.

However, when it comes to old domains, the period which they are put for in the SandBox is relatively short, which means that you can climb up to page one of Google pretty soon.


Authority examines how a website is useful for the users. In this case, the age of the domain plays an important part, because old domains, which gave more “history” usually take a better position in search engines. This is also true even if the new website, which has taken place on the old domain completely changes the subject of the old one.


The existence of old links in the domain always has a positive effect and makes Search Engine Optimization process easier. Although many people simply don't know that the information about the age of the domain is available, it can be easily obtained from the so-called WHOIS query.

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